Hello my friends :) 

Well, we've made it to the end of August. This means our show at Kelley-Stelling Contemporary will be coming to a close in just about two weeks, so if you haven't had a chance, be sure to swing by before it comes to a close! It really was a great group to show with. As one show ends, however, another begins! This Saturday I'll be dropping off a painting at the Rochester Museum of Fine Art in Rochester, NH as part of an alumni exhibit. The RMFA is the brain-child of two NHIA graduates who decided to make space for art in a town where that was missing. They curate pop-up shows throughout the year, run gallery spaces throughout the town, and regularly host and support events like film screenings and art programs. This show, is a special one for the folks at the r.mfa, as it coincides with the naming ceremony of their new space, the Bernier Gallery, named after the town's former mayor and arts advocate.

A whole world made of impossible tiny moments; bits of the past world, peeking out behind it.   Oil on canvas, 2016.

A whole world made of impossible tiny moments; bits of the past world, peeking out behind it. 
Oil on canvas, 2016.

Perhaps the most exciting part about this show for me is that the entires were juried by Jeannie Motherwell, whose father, Robert Motherwell, and step-mother Helen Frankenthaler were pioneers in mid-century abstraction. Check out Jeannie Motherwell's work, here. Of the pieces I submitted, Ms. Motherwell has chosen my piece, A whole world made of impossible tiny moments; bits of the past world, peeking out behind it. This piece has been shown previously at the Gals & Pals exhibit hosted by the Gal-lery in 2016, again at ArtsWorcester's 2017 Biennial exhibit, and most recently at Kimball Jenkins earlier this year for the show Figuratively Speaking, curated by friend and fellow artist, Mike Howat. It's nice to have this piece chosen for exhibit again year after year; it makes me feel like this fella will truly stand the test of time...

For more info about the show and for a list of other artists I'll be showing alongside of (including the wonderful Kate Knox, Deminique Cole, Michelle Peterson, and the remarkable Tracy Hayes) follow this link here. Also, let's talk about how many kick ass women are represented in this exhibit! Thank you, Jeannie Motherwell, for selecting my piece to be included in the show. 

The show opens next Saturday, Sept. 8 with a midday reception from 1-3. Unfortunately I'll be tending bar at the restaurant that day, so I won't have the chance to see the show in full-swing, but that shouldn't stop you all from attending! Get out there and support the arts!

In other news, I'm about to take on an exciting endeavor here at Airlock Studio. Next week I'll be meeting with Mr. Ed Raymond of Loudon Screen Printing. Loudon Screen Printing was established in 1986, and they're closing their doors after a strong 32 year run. I'll be acquiring from LSP, a drying rack, paper cutter, and most notably, a vacuum exposure unit. Wish me luck in transporting the beast – it'll take renting a truck or trailer, and a few strong friends to help unload the stuff! But once acquired, I'll be able to expose photographic imagery onto screens, making production printing, commissions, and my own private art practice that much more capable! 

As always, keep popping in for updates! I'll try and keep y'all in the loop :)