Everything Happens So Much

Hi there :) 

The show at Chase's Garage was a great success; I sold a few prints from a super limited edition, and got to hang with Ned & Cait for a little after driving more prints their way. Hopefully you made your way up to York before the show ended last month, as Short Sands in the summer cannot be beat. I'm looking forward to the trip up there to collect my unsold pieces and perhaps sneak in a fish & chips dinner while we're at it!

If you didn't get a chance to see my work while it was hanging at Chase's Garage, there's another upcoming opportunity to see what I do at Kelley-Stelling Contemporary. Still a new gallery in Manchester, NH, Kelley-Stelling is, I believe, entering into their second year at their Hanover St. home, and recently put out their first-ever open call - and boy did they get answers! I'll be showing alongside a couple dozen extremely talented artists, including some friends you'll recognize from previous shows (Boy Nirvana: whom I haven't shown with since 2013, Cody Mack: art-school friend, Kiera Reese: who helped me install my senior thesis show once upon a time, Marcus Greene: the man who taught me to paint, and Mike Phillips & Shania Gates: both stand-outs from the show at Kimball Jenkins). Check the show's postcard below for a full listing of artists who'll have work featured.


You can read more about Everything Happens So Much and Kelley-Stelling Contemporary right here

Keep checking in for updates, I might have some paintings on view at the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts for this year's NHIA Alumni Show, and I'll be working on some show proposals in the coming days as well. 

Thanks for popping by!