UPDATE: New work!!

Hello folks :) 

I've just updated the CURRENT WORK section, adding photos of three new paintings, and one new print! (I also have it in motion to add a COMMISSIONED WORK section, but as of now have only really ever painted on commission once, haha, so there's not much to show there - will hold off until I can fill it out a bit more)

One of the 8+ scans I used to assemble the image of  It's raining and the sun's out.

One of the 8+ scans I used to assemble the image of It's raining and the sun's out.

The print, It's raining and the sun's out is a four-colour, lithograph I made over the summer and printed a VERY LIMITED EDITION of 8 prints (there's also, I think, 4 Variable Prints where the registration is slightly different, and I'll be selling these at a discounted price for those of you who are interested!) 
The print was a challenge the whole way through, but I learned so much from it, and it felt so good to not only be in the shop again after two years, but to be working with a stone again <3! Oh my goodness, my whole heart!! Anyway, it's got me v excited for the future (I'm looking into different printmaking programmes and getting serious about pursuing my MFA). 
Not only was the print a challenge, but getting a proper image of it for the site was way more painstaking than I'd initially imagined. It being a bleed print, there wasn't room to tack or clip the paper without causing a distraction, and when I tried mounting it w tape and photographing it on the wall, the camera was causing a whole other slew of problems! I finally settled on scanning the print in pieces and reassembling them in Photoshop, digital collage style; the problem here being that the white of the paper would translate differently from scan to scan, and since the edges would blur a little, I was constantly cropping to get a seamless transition. In all, the final image of the print took about two hours to finalise from over eight scans assembled in 22 photoshop layers, merged into one, and edited so that it looks more or less seamless. 

& I never want to have to do it again :) 

Anyway, check out the new work, and if you are in Manchester, swing by the New Hampshire Institute of Art's French Bldg. (148 Concord St.); I have a little triptych who's making its debut gallery appearance, and I'm v proud of it!