UPDATE: HallSpace Drawing Project 2015

So I've finished my book for the HallSpace Drawing Project. Participants were asked to title their books, so I called mine Slapdash.  It's a true sketchbook like any other of mine, but a smaller container. Those of you who saw my thesis show at NHIA might remember that I displayed the 13 books I filled that year alongside my art. Filling books is such a rewarding and important creative process, and often times I'm more proud of them when they're filled than I am of my actual pieces. I believe my sketchbooks are my greatest work, and have often wished that I could just display them in shows rather than submitting paintings. Needless to say, I'm thrilled to be a part of this project - hopefully I'll have a day off during the exhibition to get down to Dorcester and see all of the entries as a whole. 

Also, I've scanned each page of the book before packing it to send, so in the coming days (after some light editing) you can expect to be able to view the book in its entirety right here on my site. So fear not if you can't make it to Dorcester, MA 😘