So, in the past few weeks I've made several positive changes. Some of these changes are as small as putting a new ribbon in my typewriter; others were as time-consuming as gutting my whole studio, cleaning it, and completely rearranging it while carefully curating what was allowed back in. I've bought a quality printer/scanner bed, as well as several pieces from New Hampshire Institute of Art's 2015 BFA graduates that now adorn the walls of my house. I have four paintings in the works right now, and two more that I've just started. I've been busy and it feels great.

Perhaps the biggest development, however, and absolutely the most involved, long term, and dramatic is that I'm beginning to set-up a personal darkroom. I've come into possession of two enlargers, as well as easels, trays, chemistry, a safe-light; you name it! I have just a few more items to acquire, plus some of the gear is in need of a good scrubbing, but I'd like to say that by July, I hope to be developing 35mm film and creating silver gelatin prints from the comfort of my laundry room. I will post photos of the set-up when it's complete, and hope to produce some prints I can be proud enough of to post up here. 

The most exciting part of this all is not only the venture of having another creative medium to explore and develop and express myself through, but also in how becoming more serious about photography will inform my other work. Stoke is high on that!