UPDATE: 2015 Minumental

So real quick update: I'm back in New Hampshire after a brief mid-Atlantic tour. We did Baltimore, MD on Monday, Philadelphia, PE on Wednesday, and the Jersey Shore on Thursday until our Sunday drive back to Manch (with a whole lot of museum-hopping along the way!).

On the Monday of our departure, I dropped off my two entries for the 2015 Minumental Exhibit at NHIA (Info for the exhibit). 

The first piece can be seen in this previous blog post. It's called Something Romantic.

The second looks like this:

If you are in town on Wednesday, February 4th, swing by The Roger William's Studio Building, better known as its previous title, The Amherst Street Building, then swing by between 12-1 for the opening reception! 

Works will be on view until February 18th.