Upcoming Show: 30 Below 🙌🏼

Hi Friends!

These past few weeks have been wicked exciting, having the reception at Work Nest, getting updates about Reclamation II: Emerging Female Artists - opening at Nave Gallery on December 5th. 

And now, some more exciting news! I learned just the other day that I've been accepted into 30 Below, at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery, 25 Lowell St., Cambridge, MA. 

Taken from the Cambridge Art Association's website.  

Taken from the Cambridge Art Association's website. 

The show is limited to New England artists under 30, and is sponsored by the Cambridge Art Association. Mary M. Tinti, Curator at the Fitchburg Art Museum juried the show and chose 25 pieces from over 150 submissions, so it's quite a joy to be included!  

The opening will be January 14th from 6-9. There'll be a DJ and beverages, so if you can make it out, this'll be a fun one!!