Ribbon Cutting!


Today marks the launch of my very first internet store! 
You can find it HERE

I've long been longing for a way to sell my work in a fast, convenient way, but didn't like the idea of involving a third party website like etsy or saatchi (strange, I know, bc they actually get traffic over there, haha, oops!).

Anyway, as a special celebration, I'm inviting you all to use this promo code:

This will give you  $50 off your order from now through the end of October. So please, browse around, tell your mom and your friends, and support artists who suffer this terrible affliction the rest of the world seems to honor as "creativity". 

As always, thanks!


*If you live locally, don't go through the shop as you'll be paying shipping for no reason! Please email me or shoot me a message about what pieces you'd like and it'll save both of us a UPS headache ;) 

**If you don't see something you like, but know of a piece I've made that you're interested in, shoot me an email! My webshop has a 20 item limit, so lemme know and I'll switch things around so you can get to the piece you'd like!